REGION Landmark

Definition A region landmark is a perceivable section of the page containing content that is sufficiently important for users to be able to navigate to the section.
ARIA 1.1 Specification region landmark
Design Patterns
  • A region landmark must have a label.
  • If a page includes more than one region landmark, each should have a unique label (see Step 3 above).
  • The region landmark can be used identify content that named landmarks do not appropriately describe.
  • Use the HTML5 section element to define a region landmark.
  • If the HTML5 section element technique is not being used, use a role="region" attribute to define a region landmark.
  • Each region landmark should have a heading h2-h6 element identifying the content of the landmark.
  • If there are more than one region landmark on the page, use aria-labelledby to reference the heading element for labeling each landmark.